Hello there, my names Elston. This is my blog.

SWAT teamHello again, this is Elston with another rendition of Gun Nowledge Now! Or Gunnn. That’s not true; I’m just trying to make up for my spelling error when I made this website up so many years ago. You know it’s not as I can just press brake and hit reverse and go back and fix these mistakes, some of these mistakes are forever, and I think that’s where we’re going to begin today. My third son that nobody knows about recently got a job with a company called Roller Die and proud we are for him. We are as in me and my dog, shoeface.

Today we’re going tactical. Let’s talk about urban. Let’s talk about specific shootouts, let’s talk about SMIGS, as my nephew calls them. The tactical SMG that most swat people use. They have the ability to completely change conversations. Gone are the big and bulky automatic rifles and in are the tactical, compact and specialized sub-machine guns. These bad boys can give you the precision of aiming with the additional benefits of being compact and maneuverable in close quarters. It’s one of the best and most useful weapons I’ve seen.

But now let’s talk about Sicario, a movie I recently saw a few days ago and immediately watched again. Despite the glaring and nationalistic problems that the people from both sides have. The border scene shows the great and intimate moments that happen in a close quarters fire fight.

You are able to feel and see the intensity as well as understand the true terror of a situation like this. Where you realize that the bad guys to us, normal people, are just completely inexperienced and in no ways as coordinated as other people. The way that the American forces easily dispose of everyone at the border with virtually no casualties at all and then drove away with little emphasis on the fact that they were able to completely handle the situation.

These guys are true professionals and it pains that picture that lets you know that the world is not all it seems to be and the bad guys could be right next to you the whole time.

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