Moving out of Dallas

Well, I’ve somehow found myself back to this old computer after all my travels. Things have changes a lot since the last itme¬†we spoke and I believe it’s time that I informed you. First, let me go on record as saying there will be no gun review for this day. This will be surely and solely an update.

First off, I called my friend and he agree to help me out with his Dallas Movers and they picked up me and my stuff and moved me from Fort Worth and worked with a realtor in Key West. He’s a good man and he’s helped me in times of strife before. But this particular instance was much needed.

You see there was a house fire and we lost everything. I lost my guns, and I feel like I lost my soul in that fire. The fire simply cleaned away anything I ever was or ever could be. But in the time that it took for me to realize that, I had found myself in a different city and a smaller room.

Things have been rocky between the missus and me since we moved, but ultimately we still love each other and will constantly workt to make our lives better. But besides that, nothing has really happened. Besides that, my eldest has

moved out to Fort Lauderdale to work with some mom group and in that time she has become quite popular or so I’m told.

Besides that, we’re hanging on you know. I’ve been trying to get myself back together and I feel like this blog might be the very thing we need to be able to scrap our things together and make everything get figured out again. If you guys have any questions about what need to be done or where I should go from here, let me know. I’d like to have someone to talk to.

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