Hello, the names Elston. Elston Gunn.

I’m here to talk to you about guns, war movies and occasionally me. I have a daughter I don’t usually bring up simply because she’s already contacted me and told me not to include her but I can’t help it. She’s doing a great job, and she recently received a job with this company called MDM commercial. It might not be a crazy good position like her older brother, but I’m still proud of her even if she is still just selling commercial ice makers. Regardless I love her and couldn’t be more proud; now if only she’d divorce that artist loser she’s with.

This week we’re going to talk about a gun, not unlike that of my unwanted step son. We’re going to talk about the standard issue firearm for the police force in Brazil. The Taurus. This unsuspecting, seemingly basic firearm ended up being one of the worst things in the history of modern firearms. A gun with so many different malfunctions that it can’t be recalled simply because the police force has invested too much into them. So now they’re stuck with them until later in life perhaps. Anyhow, with the mere shaking of your hand you can cause this device to misfire in a terrifying manner. It will fire off three shots before clicking even if the safety is on! What an absolute piece of trash.

This week we’re going to talk about True Grit. The Academy, award maker. The only reason that the dreadful John Wayne received any award was that of the fact that Rooster Cockburn is a magnificent character that clearly the worst kind of person can simply read the lines aloud and receive pure magic on the process. That being said though it doesn’t take anything away from the role by saying Jeff Bridges played the part to perfection. It’s a great movie, and me very much prefer the Coen Brothers version over any other type of interpretation.

I need to get away from westerns for a little bit, don’t I? Maybe watch some things with a little less familial aggression on account of my dear daughter and her recent and currently ongoing mistake. I think that’s enough for today.

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