Shotgun Slinger

New future for my kids

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. I figured I’d share some information about our kids. My oldest just got a brand new promotion at his job as the head of selling air compressor parts, and I’m very proud of him because I know that he’s going to be doing great work for the rest of his life just like his daddy. Outside of that, everyone is doing just fine, going to school, cleaning up after the hurricane and all of that. It’s been a pretty good year, all hurricanes withstanding.

The gun that we will be looking at this time is the street sweeping Mossberg with round bore barrel. This thing has such a crazy amount of spread, and it kicks so hard you think you could take a mans life just by strategically firing the butt at them. I had only shot one once when I was at a range just a few days ago, and someone was kind enough to let me give it a whirl and all I could do is give up my wimpy Beretta as an exchange. It may have been embarrassing at first but the total joy I felt when I had that baby in my arms and heard it go crazy.

This week the movie we’re going to be watching is “No Country for Old Men” am I inspired by my recent interaction with the shotgun behind my decision? Yes. Yes, I am. I love the incredibly unrealistic silenced shotgun, and it is an absolute treat to check out every day. I also love the recurring theme that I’ve personally been echoing in my blog which is it’s just not the world for us old timers any more. But it makes me feel cool to watch this movie and see the coin flip again.

It’s been an interesting year again. Being up here, the cold is starting to set in again, and I like the way my fingers stick to the barrels extra long. I’m going to go out now and get some firewood for the next push of cold. I hope everything is going okay with the lot of you dear readers, e-mail me if you would like to have more direct conversations with me. I’ll be on later this week with another one. Goodbye, friends.

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