The new age


Hello again, it’s me, Elston.

Leaf RustI want to talk about something a little more interesting today because I was just down with my buddy Pat on his farm in Florida and he had this weird group of people named Falcon Air Vistas coming over to his farm to do what’s called agricultural analysis. Now this is just fascinating to me; these guys are flying these drone aircraft to take aerial photography of this guys crops so that he can have infrared visions of what possible problems there could be involving rust leaf, infestation problems and so much more. It’s a crazy process, so I’ve decided to make the whole post this day about it. I’m excited to be talking about it.

Military Drones. If you don’t know anything about it, there are currently eight different types of military drones. Anything from the throw and fly drones to the kinds that drop bombs on children in Baghdad. Drones, no matter what you know about it, is required for the progression of humanity. It’s a truly fascinating thing.

Drone PhotographyDrone combat is a crazy concept regarding what modern military will be. Eventually, it will become wars of who can lose the most drones because as we separate ourselves from manned combat to unmanned combat, it doesn’t change the fact that unmanned combat doesn’t mean unmanned casualties in war. I

It’s a dangerous philosophy and one of the greatest problems of our time. In the era of global warming being a problem as well as antibacterial resistance, people are still fighting each other over ridiculously stupid things, and it’s hard not to blame America for it at times. As great, a nation as we are we are by no means the most progressive and it makes me wonder if we are holding back the world.

This week we will be talking about a god-awful movie called Stealth. I hate this movie; I hate the actors in it and the script, and I think perhaps even Terminator would be a better story regarding unmanned vs. manned combat as a theme. But stealth has a drone in it, and that’s super important for this posts discussion.

The only thing that it does well makes the ship interesting. Which is a bad thing when the entirety of the cast is human, and the most emotive antagonist is the ship?

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