The Fight of my life

Elston Fudd

Hello there, my name is Elston. I talk about guns and my family from time to time.

How’s this for a horror story, I’m finishing up this post for today, and I get a call from my doctor asking me to come in for a bi-annual inspection. Now at first I think he’s talking about ENT supplies because I’ll occasionally make some money on the side via a referral program with Marina Medical. But he tells me that I need to go in because he suspects something serious. On Halloween, of all days? Why is he trying to scare me over a big pile of nothing?

This week we’re going to talk about the double barrel shotgun and later my favorite movie of all time. You see the double barrel shotgun is one of the finest examples of ‘the more, the merrier.’ Not only do these bad boys have concurrent and simultaneous fire, but they are also just good looking to see. If you’ve ever had the pleasure and the adrenaline surge from firing a double barrel with both barrels you realize why it’s such a force to be referenced. It’s one of the best ways to clear out a lot of whatever is in your way.

I went pig hunting once with it and I would 100% not recommend it because I promise you we were eating pork chops and picking out flak for a week. Darn good meat though and a darn good weapon.

The best movie of all time is Army of Darkness. With Bruce Campbell playing ASH, the seminal hero, chainsaw for a hand and a shotgun in his other. He is transported back to the middle ages to help change the course of humanity against an army of undead attackers known as the Deadites. The movie is a modern masterpiece and will never be outdone in campiness, perfection, and superb entertainment value. Not only does it brilliantly showcase the shot gun, but it is also a great example of using modern feats to do insane things in a time period that no body would expect. It is able to capture that mythological storytelling that so many Grecian myths are able to do while also keeping it remarkably contemporary. If you have not seen any of the EVIL Dead movies yet let alone the greatest, Army of Darkness, you need to treat yourself immediately to one of the best movies of all time hands down.

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