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Hello again, this is Elston, this is where I talk about guns.

However, first, a little about me since it seems to be all the rage in my e-mail. Today I was walking down the beaten path form my home down to the beginning of the street. The gravel clicked against my boot heels and I approached the pavement. I looked down towards my neighbor’s lawn and read a peculiar sign. “Vacuum trucks for sale.” And besides that was a large area that was flooded almost waist deep, seemingly half sunk in the ground next to it was a decommissioned truck, and it made me think of myself. In a way, Ive been decommissioned too, nad I wonder if there’s still use for these old bones just quite yet.

But for today we are going to talk about the musket. The musket is an old weapon back from the revolutionary periods and much before and it was also a foundational aspect of the 2nd amendment. The musket had a peculiar set up system that is not too uncommon from other projectile weapons such as the RPG or the shotgun. There is a deice, which would be the musket bullet and it is packed atop stuffed black powder and cloth to catch fire. The damager and the propellant are two separate aspects of the same weapon in this instance. It’s a fascinating thing to study if you get the chance and it’s all too well exemplified in the movie The Patriot

Now the Patriot is not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, and the assassination of Benedict Arnold’s character will make my blood boil until it’s exsanguinated posthumously. But I will admit that it is a surprisingly accurate aspect in every other stretch of the imagination. The way the combat is portrayed shows just how stupid the linear progression of and that holding lines and ranks opens you up to a whole bunch of other problems

That being said it must be extremely intimidating to watch a uniform line of a group of people moving towards you armed and intent on killing. To have that absolute moment of fight or flight must be ana amazing rush that is not simply noticed anymore.

But the time for the second amendment. I saw this rather vulgar comedian the other day who had a great point about the 2nd amendment that had me thinking about it for a very long time. He said it was made back when you had muskets, and it wasn’t so easy to simply kill someone as it is right now. The other aspect is that the second amendment was created to force the government out should they become too strong for the people but that just isn’t true in the world of drones and remote satellites and simple bombings. If they wanted to the government could easily take America.

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The Great

Hello again, it is me, Elston.

I am doing an extra one this week before the weekend post to make up for the post that I forgot to do last week on account of the hurricane. I also thought I would follow up on the hurricane since it intrigued people so much. I am fine; the family is fine, the house is fine, everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about, no hurricane is going to sweep of’ Elston away. Everything is going to be cool, and we are going to keep talking about guns and being a great American regardless of the circumstances. Luckily our air conditioning service was strong.

Gun of the Week is going to be the Winchester. One of my favorites and a classic oldy gun that my father gave to me. The darn thing broke on me, and I have not had the heart to try and fix it because I am afraid it would dig up a bunch of old feelings that I would not be able to do. However, regardless I feel as though I can talk about it. One of the greatest things that I have ever seen was my pappy popping a rabbits head completely off it is shoulders from a half a mile away. We are talking iron sights and I know I may be prone to bending the truth but hand to God I saw it.

The film of the week is going to be The Great King, I brought it up the last post, and I mean it, it is a great film that covers the inside life of Frederich without truly jumping into the battle tactics. It has that modern drama problem of not focusing enough on the combat and the triumphs. That being said, it is a little difficult to figure out just how much impact the times had on a budget of this film since it would be undoubtedly difficult for them to truly encapsulate fully on battle sequences the same way that we can right now. However, regardless it is great.

Since I am feeling a history sort of angle right now, I think next week we are going to watch either the patriot or perhaps Glory. However, I know that we are going to cover the musket in great depths and how that had an impact on the formulation of the second amendment which is proudly toted to this day but should be very worried. It is a tough topic to cover, and I think I am going to dedicate that post to the second amendment specifically. Let me know what the lot of you think. Don’t get me wrong, I am still toting my guns and loving the firepower, but I often wonder if it is the best thing for the country.

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Hello again, it is me, Elston.

One of the most common questions I receive for some strange reason is how an old timer like me could develop such an eye-catching blog. While I would like to brag and say that I have got the grit to do it no problem. I did have some help from my nephew who works for a website development company in South Florida. A real cool group of guys even stuck my picture on the contact page and everything, I appreciate the help and thought it deserved to be stated.

The gun of the week that I will be reviewing will be the Beretta. One of the most classic and well-understood weapons in all of the time is the Beretta. A standard issue firearm for most police departments in America and the bane to many criminals on the run. This guy, of course, holds 15 9mm bullets and is a handy and automatic firearm. While it can be prone to jamming, anything can break when you don’t care for it, and I have a Beretta in my repertoire and use it from time to time, because properly maintaining your firearm is important for any day of the week and should be mandatory for anyone hoping to be an Elston gunner when they grow up.

War Movie of the week is a very simple one; you have all seen it, Hamburger Hill. This one is one of the most heartwrenching movies you can ever see because it is just so military. The name itself, hamburger hill was the name that the soldiers gave to anyone trying to climb it. It all revolves around this stupid plot of land that practically had zero tactical value, however, it was properly bolstered and was fortified with multiple machineguns and would basically turn every human being walking up that vertical plane into meat for the bottom of the pile they say it would pile so high that it almost became a plateau at some parts and that is why war is heck.

If you guys would like to know more or would like to comment on anything with me regarding acts of war, I highly recommend reading or learning more about Frederick the great. I will be covering him in depth next time to some extent and more specifically will be speaking now about his oblique attack pattern, which was revolutionary at the time. Instead of lining his men up for certain slaughter he would double stack the ranks on one side so that they would bolster through and be able to take on the other side by demolishing the line and their ranks on that side which would dissipate and decimate their side of the battlefield

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Water and Fire

Hello again, it is me, Elston, welcome to my blog. I am going to start this week off with a little bit of a cozy story. I did not have power for a little bit because I’m here with the little ones down in Florida trying to help out on account of Matthew coming in and blowing their house over like a couple of little pigs. So I am down here to help them rebuild.

However, similar to the harsh winds of Matthew, I am here to regale you with a story or two of my own. A story of what it was like to be a daddy for the first time and how the modern tragedy surrounds the harm of others you love and not the wellbeing of your personal safety.

I am of course talking about keeping your kids Safe. You see there was a house fire in the first home that we had been a part of when we were younger. Waking up in the middle of the night to screams and the smell of burning meat only to find out that your refrigerator, despite being made of stainless steel is not fireproof.

My kids had all gotten up and ran to see us, and I had to grab them and jump out the window. I landed on the soft grass below before climbing back up to the second story where our apartment was to grab the doggy. You see the missus was working a night shift that night as a nurse and couldn’t be there on account of all the sick people who were present.

This also wasn’t necessarily the period of surveillance cameras so nobody will ever no if this was done by foul play or if it was purely an accident. Moreover, looking back on this time, it still doesn’t seem like it matters. However, when I am lying in bed and the winds are roaring outside our window, and I am holding my two grandkids on my chest and letting them know it is going to be okay. I want you all to know, you dear readers, that everything will be okay.

If there’s anything I have learned from my time on this Earth it is that when things get tough, you have to get you with it. Which isn’t hard for most people, but the difficult part is knowing when to be tough and knowing when to be tender. Moreover, sometimes the lines are not as clear as they should be, but that would not make life hard wouldn’t it? Being hard and living are part of the same coin my friends. Stay easy, regular content the rest of this week.

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The Best Time


Miami has a population of over 5 million people with its metro area being ranked as the eighth most populated area in the States which does not paint the picture of the best getaway spot or the ideal vacation location for unwinding or for the occasionally much needed R&R. However, Royal Stays Miami have done their very best to provide the perfect haven right in the middle of such bustle, providing a home away from home with all the trappings and luxuries of a hotel and the chance to enjoy the beauty of Miami beaches while still enjoying your privacy and comfort.

Miami had been inhabited by indigenous cultures for thousands of years which might be one of the reasons it has such a strong and varied sense of culture borrowing from the indigenous and later settlers. For instance, its music scene includes features from Cuba, Haiti, Colombia, Brazil, Caribbean and the Dominican as well as being home to a vibrant and dynamic dance and techno music scene and the host to the biggest dance event in the world, the Winter Music Conference. For those who love music this is the place to be. Music however, is not the only thing in Miami that holds something for everyone. One of the reasons, that this vibrant hub is so popular is its varied destinations that cater to different tastes from the Art Deco district for art lovers, trendy nightlife atmosphere for the young at heart, Coral Gables and its historic hideaways, family-owned shops that would melt even the most ornery holiday-goer, art festivals, auto racing and boat shows and the busiest cruise port in the world for those with sturdy sea legs. This larger than life city owes its existence to Julia Tuttle, adding another notch to its rich history by being the only major city in the States to have been conceived by a woman.

This is what Royal Stays Miami have tapped into with their Miami vacation rental with apartments in different buildings in Brickell and Miami Beach, all of which are fully furnished, with plenty of amenities from the apartments themselves to pools, Wi-Fi, concierge services and other complimentary services that cater to guests at both ends of the spectrum to give everyone the opportunity to reconnect with their loved ones in a positively-charged environment. With twelve properties in different areas from Ocean Drive to West Avenue, guests get to choose what part of Miami or Florida appeals to them and book an apartment closest to that. The properties include Four Seasons, Casa Grande, Pavilion, Courtyard, Mondrian, Conrad Hilton, Boutique 18, Netherland Apartments, Casa Gaby, Park SOBE apartments, Hispaniola House and L’etoile which range from a hundred dollars a night and upwards to about two hundred dollars and upwards a night. These prices are a steal for such a metropolitan and for the amazing scenes available to you in the city.

F or one who has moved away from the city to get back to a place that isn’t an eternal rat race,

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The Smoking Gunn


Hello, everyone, my name is Elston, and this is my blog. I live out in Colorado, and I love being on my farm, owning my gun, and advocating for it’s popularization. While on this blog I’ve decided to make each blog broken into four parts: Gun Review, Movie Review, Amendment 2, and FAQ, and if you read that correctly, you’d realize that it all rhymes.

Before I get into too much detail, I figured it’d be nice to divulge like my life a little bit. I had a moving company by the name of Top Notch Movers, help move me out here a few years ago. My family still lives in Florida, but I wanted to get past all of that, I don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city, I prefer to keep to myself.

So I moved out here with my dog ‘surface.’ He’s a schnauzer.

The gun I’ll be reviewing this week will be my very own ‘B-14 Timber.‘ I have the action long barrel, so it’s about 2 feet long, and it’s got a beautifully finished walnut stock with a checkered pistol grip. It’s a little sportier than I usually go for, but I lie feeling like I can be active if I wanted to. Overall it’s a fine piece of American machinery.

A recent movie I’ve watched that I found to be fascinating for a very particular reason. The Return of the King, the Lord of the Rings Movie. Features a scene in which Christopher Lee was stabbed in the back and made a very realistic sound. I enjoy little cues like this because having served in the Korean war, we don’t often see that kind of specific details that I love so much, the true aspects of war that are a little unfortunate to the ears and the eyes. But just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t make it any less true. We can’t shy away from the truth because it may burble, but it will always surface.

FAQ: First questions come from my family: Why are you starting a blog?

I’m all alone out here; I believe it’s good for a man to have an outlet. Me and old surface here can’t just keep our company to ourselves all the time. So I think if I make the blog it will be good for people wanting to shoot the breeze about the war, or it’ll be good for my family to be able to remotely catch up with me without having to take those god awful scraps of metal they call planes nowadays.

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