50 cal

Hey there, It’s me, Elston. I’m here to talk about guns, as you can see by my skillful background.

Hello again, I’ve been getting the occasional e-mails about what it’s like to have such a cool background on my computer. Well, I want to take the time to let you know that a gentleman out in California had a website design company and helped put this together for me. They’re called a graphic advantage, and they do graphic design in Riverside.

BarrettThis week we’re going to talk about fun that strikes fear and .50 caliber bullets into people from a terrifying distance. We’re talking about the Barret 82A1. The 50 caliber rifle that has been used in the military for countless years saving countless mines and taking countless more. My nephew likes to play Call of Duty, and he has been touting about how that gun is way too much fun to use, and he has no idea. I’ve only seen it used by a friend and every time I see it being used it spreads a wry little grin all the way across my face. It’s a truly humbling piece of machinery that can wipe my grin clear off my face if it ever ends up facing in my direction at all.

The movie we’re going to be acknowledging for this week is The Hurt Locker. One of the best war movies of all time purely because it’s about the addictive qualities of war. The film also beautifully showcases the Barret 50 Cal in all of its glory during a sniper exchange scene.

We’re going to explore this scene in particular. AS both an exploration of character through the military actions. Both parties are not here for anything less than trying to murder the other and that stark, calculating, almost mathematical precision of that moment is prevalent in every moment of this scene. The way they merely talk about targets being down. There’s no emotion. Just the calm breath of the bullets and it’s soft whisper as it takes the life away from another man.

There’s this particular moment that I enjoy where the fly is crawling on the main character’s eye. It’s a great way to showcase the focus as well as emphasize the fact that the man should be dead a hundred times over. But he’s not, he still goes back out there until he loses his life for the last time.