The Fight of my life

Elston Fudd

Hello there, my name is Elston. I talk about guns and my family from time to time.

How’s this for a horror story, I’m finishing up this post for today, and I get a call from my doctor asking me to come in for a bi-annual inspection. Now at first I think he’s talking about ENT supplies because I’ll occasionally make some money on the side via a referral program with Marina Medical. But he tells me that I need to go in because he suspects something serious. On Halloween, of all days? Why is he trying to scare me over a big pile of nothing?

This week we’re going to talk about the double barrel shotgun and later my favorite movie of all time. You see the double barrel shotgun is one of the finest examples of ‘the more, the merrier.’ Not only do these bad boys have concurrent and simultaneous fire, but they are also just good looking to see. If you’ve ever had the pleasure and the adrenaline surge from firing a double barrel with both barrels you realize why it’s such a force to be referenced. It’s one of the best ways to clear out a lot of whatever is in your way.

I went pig hunting once with it and I would 100% not recommend it because I promise you we were eating pork chops and picking out flak for a week. Darn good meat though and a darn good weapon.

The best movie of all time is Army of Darkness. With Bruce Campbell playing ASH, the seminal hero, chainsaw for a hand and a shotgun in his other. He is transported back to the middle ages to help change the course of humanity against an army of undead attackers known as the Deadites. The movie is a modern masterpiece and will never be outdone in campiness, perfection, and superb entertainment value. Not only does it brilliantly showcase the shot gun, but it is also a great example of using modern feats to do insane things in a time period that no body would expect. It is able to capture that mythological storytelling that so many Grecian myths are able to do while also keeping it remarkably contemporary. If you have not seen any of the EVIL Dead movies yet let alone the greatest, Army of Darkness, you need to treat yourself immediately to one of the best movies of all time hands down.

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The new age


Hello again, it’s me, Elston.

Leaf RustI want to talk about something a little more interesting today because I was just down with my buddy Pat on his farm in Florida and he had this weird group of people named Falcon Air Vistas coming over to his farm to do what’s called agricultural analysis. Now this is just fascinating to me; these guys are flying these drone aircraft to take aerial photography of this guys crops so that he can have infrared visions of what possible problems there could be involving rust leaf, infestation problems and so much more. It’s a crazy process, so I’ve decided to make the whole post this day about it. I’m excited to be talking about it.

Military Drones. If you don’t know anything about it, there are currently eight different types of military drones. Anything from the throw and fly drones to the kinds that drop bombs on children in Baghdad. Drones, no matter what you know about it, is required for the progression of humanity. It’s a truly fascinating thing.

Drone PhotographyDrone combat is a crazy concept regarding what modern military will be. Eventually, it will become wars of who can lose the most drones because as we separate ourselves from manned combat to unmanned combat, it doesn’t change the fact that unmanned combat doesn’t mean unmanned casualties in war. I

It’s a dangerous philosophy and one of the greatest problems of our time. In the era of global warming being a problem as well as antibacterial resistance, people are still fighting each other over ridiculously stupid things, and it’s hard not to blame America for it at times. As great, a nation as we are we are by no means the most progressive and it makes me wonder if we are holding back the world.

This week we will be talking about a god-awful movie called Stealth. I hate this movie; I hate the actors in it and the script, and I think perhaps even Terminator would be a better story regarding unmanned vs. manned combat as a theme. But stealth has a drone in it, and that’s super important for this posts discussion.

The only thing that it does well makes the ship interesting. Which is a bad thing when the entirety of the cast is human, and the most emotive antagonist is the ship?

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Hello there, my names Elston. This is my blog.

SWAT teamHello again, this is Elston with another rendition of Gun Nowledge Now! Or Gunnn. That’s not true; I’m just trying to make up for my spelling error when I made this website up so many years ago. You know it’s not as I can just press brake and hit reverse and go back and fix these mistakes, some of these mistakes are forever, and I think that’s where we’re going to begin today. My third son that nobody knows about recently got a job with a company called Roller Die and proud we are for him. We are as in me and my dog, shoeface.

Today we’re going tactical. Let’s talk about urban. Let’s talk about specific shootouts, let’s talk about SMIGS, as my nephew calls them. The tactical SMG that most swat people use. They have the ability to completely change conversations. Gone are the big and bulky automatic rifles and in are the tactical, compact and specialized sub-machine guns. These bad boys can give you the precision of aiming with the additional benefits of being compact and maneuverable in close quarters. It’s one of the best and most useful weapons I’ve seen.

But now let’s talk about Sicario, a movie I recently saw a few days ago and immediately watched again. Despite the glaring and nationalistic problems that the people from both sides have. The border scene shows the great and intimate moments that happen in a close quarters fire fight.

You are able to feel and see the intensity as well as understand the true terror of a situation like this. Where you realize that the bad guys to us, normal people, are just completely inexperienced and in no ways as coordinated as other people. The way that the American forces easily dispose of everyone at the border with virtually no casualties at all and then drove away with little emphasis on the fact that they were able to completely handle the situation.

These guys are true professionals and it pains that picture that lets you know that the world is not all it seems to be and the bad guys could be right next to you the whole time.

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Hello, the names Elston. Elston Gunn.

I’m here to talk to you about guns, war movies and occasionally me. I have a daughter I don’t usually bring up simply because she’s already contacted me and told me not to include her but I can’t help it. She’s doing a great job, and she recently received a job with this company called MDM commercial. It might not be a crazy good position like her older brother, but I’m still proud of her even if she is still just selling commercial ice makers. Regardless I love her and couldn’t be more proud; now if only she’d divorce that artist loser she’s with.

This week we’re going to talk about a gun, not unlike that of my unwanted step son. We’re going to talk about the standard issue firearm for the police force in Brazil. The Taurus. This unsuspecting, seemingly basic firearm ended up being one of the worst things in the history of modern firearms. A gun with so many different malfunctions that it can’t be recalled simply because the police force has invested too much into them. So now they’re stuck with them until later in life perhaps. Anyhow, with the mere shaking of your hand you can cause this device to misfire in a terrifying manner. It will fire off three shots before clicking even if the safety is on! What an absolute piece of trash.

This week we’re going to talk about True Grit. The Academy, award maker. The only reason that the dreadful John Wayne received any award was that of the fact that Rooster Cockburn is a magnificent character that clearly the worst kind of person can simply read the lines aloud and receive pure magic on the process. That being said though it doesn’t take anything away from the role by saying Jeff Bridges played the part to perfection. It’s a great movie, and me very much prefer the Coen Brothers version over any other type of interpretation.

I need to get away from westerns for a little bit, don’t I? Maybe watch some things with a little less familial aggression on account of my dear daughter and her recent and currently ongoing mistake. I think that’s enough for today.

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50 cal

Hey there, It’s me, Elston. I’m here to talk about guns, as you can see by my skillful background.

Hello again, I’ve been getting the occasional e-mails about what it’s like to have such a cool background on my computer. Well, I want to take the time to let you know that a gentleman out in California had a website design company and helped put this together for me. They’re called a graphic advantage, and they do graphic design in Riverside.

BarrettThis week we’re going to talk about fun that strikes fear and .50 caliber bullets into people from a terrifying distance. We’re talking about the Barret 82A1. The 50 caliber rifle that has been used in the military for countless years saving countless mines and taking countless more. My nephew likes to play Call of Duty, and he has been touting about how that gun is way too much fun to use, and he has no idea. I’ve only seen it used by a friend and every time I see it being used it spreads a wry little grin all the way across my face. It’s a truly humbling piece of machinery that can wipe my grin clear off my face if it ever ends up facing in my direction at all.

The movie we’re going to be acknowledging for this week is The Hurt Locker. One of the best war movies of all time purely because it’s about the addictive qualities of war. The film also beautifully showcases the Barret 50 Cal in all of its glory during a sniper exchange scene.

We’re going to explore this scene in particular. AS both an exploration of character through the military actions. Both parties are not here for anything less than trying to murder the other and that stark, calculating, almost mathematical precision of that moment is prevalent in every moment of this scene. The way they merely talk about targets being down. There’s no emotion. Just the calm breath of the bullets and it’s soft whisper as it takes the life away from another man.

There’s this particular moment that I enjoy where the fly is crawling on the main character’s eye. It’s a great way to showcase the focus as well as emphasize the fact that the man should be dead a hundred times over. But he’s not, he still goes back out there until he loses his life for the last time.

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Shotgun Slinger

New future for my kids

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. I figured I’d share some information about our kids. My oldest just got a brand new promotion at his job as the head of selling air compressor parts, and I’m very proud of him because I know that he’s going to be doing great work for the rest of his life just like his daddy. Outside of that, everyone is doing just fine, going to school, cleaning up after the hurricane and all of that. It’s been a pretty good year, all hurricanes withstanding.

The gun that we will be looking at this time is the street sweeping Mossberg with round bore barrel. This thing has such a crazy amount of spread, and it kicks so hard you think you could take a mans life just by strategically firing the butt at them. I had only shot one once when I was at a range just a few days ago, and someone was kind enough to let me give it a whirl and all I could do is give up my wimpy Beretta as an exchange. It may have been embarrassing at first but the total joy I felt when I had that baby in my arms and heard it go crazy.

This week the movie we’re going to be watching is “No Country for Old Men” am I inspired by my recent interaction with the shotgun behind my decision? Yes. Yes, I am. I love the incredibly unrealistic silenced shotgun, and it is an absolute treat to check out every day. I also love the recurring theme that I’ve personally been echoing in my blog which is it’s just not the world for us old timers any more. But it makes me feel cool to watch this movie and see the coin flip again.

It’s been an interesting year again. Being up here, the cold is starting to set in again, and I like the way my fingers stick to the barrels extra long. I’m going to go out now and get some firewood for the next push of cold. I hope everything is going okay with the lot of you dear readers, e-mail me if you would like to have more direct conversations with me. I’ll be on later this week with another one. Goodbye, friends.

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Digging up Dirt

Some of you would like it if I didn’t do a part on guns or movies and instead told a story about my time in the military. I don’t know if it’s possible to capture that moment properly but here goes.

This story is not like other military stories because I wasn’t like other military men. I was a young boy when I was sent out and I was there well after the beaches of normandy shredded my brothers in those foreign waters. But I went in with a battalion of people and held a city point. It wasn’t ever contested, I never even saw combat, which led me to eventually fighting in the Korean war instead of just minding my own business.

But I’ll remember that I would hold this same position as an outpost, and it was the worlds most boring outpost because it looked over that the scorched earth where Omaha was. I later find out that it was where Fox Red and Fox Green landed. I watched where several thousand heroes that I never met and never will meet lost their lives. I probably walked amongst some of them and never had any idea. But I was forced to stand there at attention everyday and watch the fact that I was never a hero and I would never be a part of that capital event.

It was strange, standing between all of that demolition. Between the world around me and the view that I was seeing. I spent the rest of the war there. Watching with my friend Patches who passed a few years back. We would just stand there looking at the most interesting beach in the world and smoking our camels and hanging out waiting for the blood to leave our feet so we wouldn’t feel the pain of the boots anymore.

A Little the fact that I think might help, I never once received m&m’s like they said we would. They all got m&ms back then on account of the hard candy shell making it far easier to be able to eat the chocolate without having it melt in transit. But I never got a pack of them and truth be told I’m upset that I never received them because of the principle, but I was always a licorice fan back then and even now.

But that’s the story, the story of how I never fought in the war. But instead, I was simply acting as a sentinel, a living photographer using my eyes to remember how people died while I stayed safe, complaining about not getting my candies and how my feet hurt.

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New Town

It’s interesting living as old as I am. I was old enough to catch the last of World War II and patriotic enough to fight in the Korean war as well but by the time Vietnam I was bitter enough to realize the game was rigged and stupid. There’s little understanding of the sociological significance of fortunate one. It seems to be pulsing everytime I wake up nowadays. There are so many people out there who don’t have what I have and they never will, and I wonder why that happened.

I was lucky enough to be born an American, but I don’t remember why or think about how it happened. All I think about is what they tell me to do, and I did it for nearly two decades. I told myself I would never fight for this country again, I spilled enough blood o those less fortunate then me and then came home and called myself a hero.

My family noticed that I snored and so they got me this little breathing thing from this website called Sleep Group Solutions. But they don’t realize that it’s not snoring that happens. I fear that I go to sleep and cry every night. Not because of what I’ve done for the sake of combat or the disillusioned cost of freedom but rather I fear for what I will do for my family in the years to come.

I bought a house and turned myself into a hermit, and I’m so old that I don’t know what day it will happen but I know it will be any moment now. But it’s strange because I feel like I’ve been blessed with unnaturally long life for no good reason. Everyone that I’ve loved has been whipped away from me, and I don’t even realize how fast it was. It’s been a terrible decade. Some people don’t even get to have some of those.

But enough about this personal stuff. No gun this week, a movie instead.

I’m excited about seeing the new movie coming up called Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a movie about someone far braver than I will ever be. It is based in WWII and revolves around someone who refused to fight in WWII and instead emphasized his life on being a doctor instead of a fighter. He insisted on giving life rather than taking it.

If only I could have thought outside the box long enough to realize my future mistakes.

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58 and 2

Hello again, this is Elston, this is where I talk about guns.

However, first, a little about me since it seems to be all the rage in my e-mail. Today I was walking down the beaten path form my home down to the beginning of the street. The gravel clicked against my boot heels and I approached the pavement. I looked down towards my neighbor’s lawn and read a peculiar sign. “Vacuum trucks for sale.” And besides that was a large area that was flooded almost waist deep, seemingly half sunk in the ground next to it was a decommissioned truck, and it made me think of myself. In a way, Ive been decommissioned too, nad I wonder if there’s still use for these old bones just quite yet.

But for today we are going to talk about the musket. The musket is an old weapon back from the revolutionary periods and much before and it was also a foundational aspect of the 2nd amendment. The musket had a peculiar set up system that is not too uncommon from other projectile weapons such as the RPG or the shotgun. There is a deice, which would be the musket bullet and it is packed atop stuffed black powder and cloth to catch fire. The damager and the propellant are two separate aspects of the same weapon in this instance. It’s a fascinating thing to study if you get the chance and it’s all too well exemplified in the movie The Patriot

Now the Patriot is not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination, and the assassination of Benedict Arnold’s character will make my blood boil until it’s exsanguinated posthumously. But I will admit that it is a surprisingly accurate aspect in every other stretch of the imagination. The way the combat is portrayed shows just how stupid the linear progression of and that holding lines and ranks opens you up to a whole bunch of other problems

That being said it must be extremely intimidating to watch a uniform line of a group of people moving towards you armed and intent on killing. To have that absolute moment of fight or flight must be ana amazing rush that is not simply noticed anymore.

But the time for the second amendment. I saw this rather vulgar comedian the other day who had a great point about the 2nd amendment that had me thinking about it for a very long time. He said it was made back when you had muskets, and it wasn’t so easy to simply kill someone as it is right now. The other aspect is that the second amendment was created to force the government out should they become too strong for the people but that just isn’t true in the world of drones and remote satellites and simple bombings. If they wanted to the government could easily take America.

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The Great

Hello again, it is me, Elston.

I am doing an extra one this week before the weekend post to make up for the post that I forgot to do last week on account of the hurricane. I also thought I would follow up on the hurricane since it intrigued people so much. I am fine; the family is fine, the house is fine, everything is fine, there is nothing to worry about, no hurricane is going to sweep of’ Elston away. Everything is going to be cool, and we are going to keep talking about guns and being a great American regardless of the circumstances. Luckily our air conditioning service was strong.

Gun of the Week is going to be the Winchester. One of my favorites and a classic oldy gun that my father gave to me. The darn thing broke on me, and I have not had the heart to try and fix it because I am afraid it would dig up a bunch of old feelings that I would not be able to do. However, regardless I feel as though I can talk about it. One of the greatest things that I have ever seen was my pappy popping a rabbits head completely off it is shoulders from a half a mile away. We are talking iron sights and I know I may be prone to bending the truth but hand to God I saw it.

The film of the week is going to be The Great King, I brought it up the last post, and I mean it, it is a great film that covers the inside life of Frederich without truly jumping into the battle tactics. It has that modern drama problem of not focusing enough on the combat and the triumphs. That being said, it is a little difficult to figure out just how much impact the times had on a budget of this film since it would be undoubtedly difficult for them to truly encapsulate fully on battle sequences the same way that we can right now. However, regardless it is great.

Since I am feeling a history sort of angle right now, I think next week we are going to watch either the patriot or perhaps Glory. However, I know that we are going to cover the musket in great depths and how that had an impact on the formulation of the second amendment which is proudly toted to this day but should be very worried. It is a tough topic to cover, and I think I am going to dedicate that post to the second amendment specifically. Let me know what the lot of you think. Don’t get me wrong, I am still toting my guns and loving the firepower, but I often wonder if it is the best thing for the country.

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