The Smoking Gunn


Hello, everyone, my name is Elston, and this is my blog. I live out in Colorado, and I love being on my farm, owning my gun, and advocating for it’s popularization. While on this blog I’ve decided to make each blog broken into four parts: Gun Review, Movie Review, Amendment 2, and FAQ, and if you read that correctly, you’d realize that it all rhymes.

Before I get into too much detail, I figured it’d be nice to divulge like my life a little bit. I had a moving company by the name of Top Notch Movers, help move me out here a few years ago. My family still lives in Florida, but I wanted to get past all of that, I don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city, I prefer to keep to myself.

So I moved out here with my dog ‘surface.’ He’s a schnauzer.

The gun I’ll be reviewing this week will be my very own ‘B-14 Timber.‘ I have the action long barrel, so it’s about 2 feet long, and it’s got a beautifully finished walnut stock with a checkered pistol grip. It’s a little sportier than I usually go for, but I lie feeling like I can be active if I wanted to. Overall it’s a fine piece of American machinery.

A recent movie I’ve watched that I found to be fascinating for a very particular reason. The Return of the King, the Lord of the Rings Movie. Features a scene in which Christopher Lee was stabbed in the back and made a very realistic sound. I enjoy little cues like this because having served in the Korean war, we don’t often see that kind of specific details that I love so much, the true aspects of war that are a little unfortunate to the ears and the eyes. But just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t make it any less true. We can’t shy away from the truth because it may burble, but it will always surface.

FAQ: First questions come from my family: Why are you starting a blog?

I’m all alone out here; I believe it’s good for a man to have an outlet. Me and old surface here can’t just keep our company to ourselves all the time. So I think if I make the blog it will be good for people wanting to shoot the breeze about the war, or it’ll be good for my family to be able to remotely catch up with me without having to take those god awful scraps of metal they call planes nowadays.

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